Newsletter #2 - Release date announced

After a long and winding journey we can finally announce a street date of August 31 for our Blu-ray releases of Breaking News, Summer Time Machine Blues and Exiled.

But keep an eye out, orders may be ready to send from our fulfillment centre in Sydney up to a week earlier so you could receive a shipping notification before the end of the month.

Shipping rates

If you have been waiting for the official release date before pre-ordering, you might want to do so in the next few weeks because our shipping rates might soon be going up a little to offset planned fee increases by our carrier (an inevitable outcome of the pandemic, war and inflation).

We will wait until after the release date before assessing if we need to update the shipping rates and in any case will continue to keep them as low as we reasonably can.

Free domestic shipping at $69 will continue to apply.




Product update

If you haven't been following us on social media you may not be aware that some additional bonus content was added to Exiled after the initial launch:

• Frank Djeng has recorded a second supplemental audio commentary where he goes into more detail about the film's style and themes

We interviewed co-composer Dave Klotz about his experience scoring Exiled and his career so far working with Hong Kong filmmakers like Johnnie To and Ringo Lam

Coming up

We have already teased our next release in a couple of places. Standby for a proper announcement with more details soon. Johnnie To fans will not be disappointed...



Regarding future release announcements and pre-ordering, we are going to handle things a little differently. Obviously we had a very long pre-order window for the first wave of releases, and we do not wish to burden anyone with that kind of prolonged wait again.

Instead we will reveal new release information at intervals when we have something to show and share, like upcoming titles, key art, supplementary content, full packaging artwork, and so on.

Then we will only open the pre-order window once we are very confident that the release date will be just around the corner.

Staying in touch

We would love to hear from you, especially once some Chameleon discs are in your hands. Feel free to reach out to us via or through our channels if you have any suggestions, questions, pictures of your awesome physical media collections, ideas for original bonus content, or whatever else you would like to bring to our attention.

Remember also to check the FAQ, which we will get around to updating with additional responses to various Qs that have arisen since the launch.

Eventually we would like to compose and publish some written content, for instance a piece on why the label was started and what steps were involved in getting it off the ground. Would that be of interest?

Until next time,

Team Chameleon


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