What region are your Blu-ray releases?

We are usually restricted under our licensing agreements to code our discs for Region B only. It will be clear in the product description when we are able to make specific releases Region Free. Region B discs will play in the following regions: Europe, Africa, the Middle East, French territories, Greenland, Australia and New Zealand. If you live outside one of these regions and wish to purchase our discs, we recommend obtaining a region-free Blu-ray player.

Why are release dates 'TBC'?

Experience tells us to be cautious with scheduling a precise release date, especially given the ongoing global situation. There may be unexpected manufacturing and logistics delays. We may need additional time in production to ensure our high quality standards are met. Stay tuned to our social media channels where we will communicate any important issues affecting delivery timeframes, but rest assured that we will be doing everything we can to release in the nominated time period, earlier if possible.

What Blu-ray cases do you use?

Each release is packaged in a Scanavo full sleeved 14mm clear case, the same type that labels such as Criterion and Indicator use. These cases have no Blu-ray logo at the top. The sleeve artwork takes up the full height of the case.

Which currency is displayed on the website?

Prices for all products and shipping rates are in Australian dollars. Currency exchange rates fluctuate, but for reference a typical single Blu-ray release at $34.95 AUD is usually equivalent to approximately:

$22.00 - 26.00 USD £18.50 - 21.00 GBP €22.00 - 24.00 EUR

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship globally to wherever our logistics provider and its carriers can reach. Shipping charges are calculated during checkout.

Will there be any customs fees?

We ship internationally on a 'Delivered at Place' (DAP) basis, which means that it will be your responsibility to pay for any customs or import duties charged on the shipment.

Can I track my order?

Yes, upon dispatch you will receive a tracking notification via email. This applies to all domestic and international deliveries.

How long till my order arrives?

Once dispatched, you can expect your order to arrive roughly within the following timeframe:

Australia (Express): 1-3 days
Australia (Standard): 2-7 days
New Zealand: 8-13 days
Asia Pacific: 6-25 days
US & Canada: 10-15 days
UK & Europe: 10-20 days
Rest of World: 8-25 days

What is your returns policy?

Please return any items to us within 30 days of your receiving them to obtain a full refund excluding any shipping and fulfilment fees. If the return is due to a technical fault with the disc we will also refund the cost of returning the item. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns for playback incompatibility due to disc format or region code.

Will you consider releasing [insert title here] on Blu-ray in the future?

We are a small company making our first step into distribution. There are many titles we would love to respectfully support and make available on Blu-ray. First, we need to ensure our release model is sustainable. If all goes well, we'll be able to continue licensing celebrated films from Asia, where suitable materials are available. If you would like to recommend some titles for us to release, we're always watching our social media channels or you could shoot us an email.

Do you undertake film restoration?

At the moment we do not have the resources and capacity to undertake comprehensive film restoration projects. We work with the master materials that we are supplied. However, we carefully inspect all the elements we receive for artefacts and print damage. Any issues that are discovered are then removed or fixed with Diamant-Film Restoration software.