About Us

Chameleon Films is an independent home video distributor aimed at rekindling enthusiasm for classic and contemporary Asian cinema on physical media in Australia and New Zealand.

While we're based in Melbourne, Australia, a coordinated international effort goes into the production of our releases, with contributors based in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and other parts of Australia.

Our Story

We have been engaged professionally in distribution servicing for a long time, providing technical and production support to many of our region's leading independent video content distributors including Madman Entertainment, Via Vision Entertainment / Imprint Films, Palace Films, Umbrella Entertainment, Sharmill Films, Potential Films, Hi Gloss Entertainment and Limelight Distribution, mastering and coordinating thousands of DVD, Blu-ray and digital releases.

In recent years we've witnessed local distribution support for quality Asian cinema on physical media decline. We didn't want to see that continue without intervention. Audiences deserve better, today and hopefully well beyond.

For their advice, encouragement and/or assistance in helping us set up and launch the label we would like to thank in no particular order: Bridgette Fahey-Goldsmith, Ching Yee Ng, Christian Were, Paul Wiegard, Mike Walsh, Mark Morrison, John Snadden, Ross Chen, Ngan Tran, George Stajsic, Adam De Pasquale, Claudia Schneider, Nick Jacka, Neelan Gopal, Peter Burrell, Mary Felton, Carrie Mak, Becky Marler and Melissa Maher.

- Damian and James