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Summer Time Machine Blues (Blu-ray)

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Please note: this disc is now definitively locked to REGION B


Available Now (Released - 31 August 2022)

Spine - 002


Katsuyuki Motohiro · 2005 · Japan · 107 mins

Time. Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking went on about it forever. But the big questions of time travel remain: who stole Niimi’s shampoo, how might spilling coke on the remote control spell the end of the universe, and perhaps most importantly, how can nerdy guys get to meet girls?

It’s an endlessly hot Japanese summer and the members of the sci-fi club are hanging around waiting out the school vacation. Slowly, small things start not making sense, until a time machine and a dork from the future arrive in their clubhouse, and all of a sudden, the time-space continuum is under threat. Of course, the nature of the threat is never exactly clear, but it will involve a lot of frantic comic complications to put things right.

Director Katsuyuki Motohiro (Bayside Shakedown), is at the top of his game here, constructing a wildly playful and unfailingly inventive film that enjoys cult status among lovers of Japanese youth comedy.



  • Limited first-pressing collector's booklet featuring a new essay by film writer Hayley Scanlon
  • Original audio commentary by director Katsuyuki Motohiro & writer Makoto Ueda with newly translated English subtitles
  • New interview with writer Makoto Ueda (21 mins)

Archival Extras:

  • Teaser
  • Theatrical trailer



  • 1.78:1
  • 1080p colour
  • Japanese DTS-HD MA 5.1 · LPCM 2.0
  • English subtitles
  • Region B
  • BD-50


Packaged in a Scanavo full sleeved 14mm clear case with a reversible, numbered sleeve that is clean of classification markings and barcode on the alternative side.